eduroam at CESNET

CESNET, z. s. p. o. is coordinating eduroam in the Czech Republic since 2004.

Covered localities

essid eduroam is broadcasted in our offices on the 5th floor of Telehouse offices at address Generála Píky 26. Our former offices at address Zikova 4 are also covered.

We offer public IPv4 and of course IPv6 addresses. Encryption is WPA2+AES.

Traffic filtering

ports protocols directions description
137-139 TCP, UDP both NETBIOS services

eduroam at Railway stations

With cooperation with ČD – Telematika we are covered selected railway stations by eduroam. At Railway stations we are providing private IPv4, and sadly no IPv6 due technology limitation. You might like to have a look at the virtual departure panel.


Please, seek user support at your home institution (the institution which provided you by your login credentials).

If you need to contact us you can write at email info@eduroam.cz.

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