eduroam federation and personal data protection

The eduroam federation consists of networks and systems owned by the federation’s members. It is operated as a whole. The purpose of the infrastructure is to provide connectivity to users belonging to their home organizations. Achieving that requires the following:

  • Reliable operation of all components of the infrastructure
  • Controlled evolution of the infrastructure in the interest of its users
  • Preventing the misuse of the whole infrastructure or individual user accounts
  • Providing logs on legal grounds

To those ends, processing of the following personal details may be required:

  • User credentials (username and password)
  • HW address of the user’s device
  • IP address and other location details required for users to connect

These details are used by individual members of the federation in line with federation technical conditions so that the processing takes place securely, to the least required extent, and exclusively for the stated purpose of providing connectivity.

Requests by data subjects, relating to personal data protection, are handled by member organizations with respect to the stated purpose of the infrastructure – providing connectivity.

Additional information on personal data protection is available at CESNET’s home page.

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