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-====== Contact ​informations ​======+====== Contact ​information ​======
-===== IngJan Tomášek =====+In eduroam is user support provided by the home institution,​ search for a contact in the [[https://​www.eduroam.cz/​en/​pripojene_organizace|list of participants]].
-Admin of NREN RADIUS server.\\ +===== CESNET'​s user support =====
-Admin of [[http://​eduroam.cz|eduroam.cz]] and [[http://​wiki.eduroam.cz|wiki.eduroam.cz]].+
-[[https://​caas.cesnet.cz/​caas/​hradmin?​record=caas::​hradmin::​people&​cmd=show&dn=uid=semik,ou=People,dc=cesnet,dc=cz|Contact infos]] are in CESNET CAAS.+If your home institution isn't able to support you, or if you tell us about problems on any participating institution,​ you can write to us at [[support@cesnet.cz]]. 
 +===== Connecting new institutions ​===== 
 +Administrators from new or already connected institutions can use email info@eduroam.cz. Please do not use personal email addresses.  
 +Operators responsible for Czech eduroam can communicate ​in English, but all documentation for connecting to eduroam in the Czech Republic is written only in Czech. It is expected that admin from a new institution can read Czech documentation.
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